Triangle Lunch Policy

Triangle School will be continuing to use the Districts new electronic lunch payment system.  Students wishing to purchase a school lunch will have a choice of using the debit Point of Service (POS) system to pay for their lunch.


Your child will be provided with a card which will be scanned in the cafeteria. All cards will be kept in school.  Additionally, please note the following:

  • The use of this system is voluntary, students may still pay for lunch with cash.
  • Deposits into the POS account (cash or checks) should be placed in an envelope and sent to the main office.  Please clearly mark the envelope with you childs name, teachers name, and POS Program, otherwise the school will not be able to distinguish that this money is for your childs POS lunch account.
  • Deposits by check must have POS Program written in the note section of the check. Please make checks payable to the Hillsborough Township Board of Education.
  • Only school lunches, beverages and food al la carte items can be debited from the account.  Snacks (ice cream, cookies, chips, etc.) cannot be debited from the account.
  • We very strongly suggest that at least $5.00 be placed in every childs account for emergencies.  If your child does not have lunch or the means to buy lunch, the child will have to call home.  We DO NOT have the means to provide lunches or lunch money to children.


            For those who decide to utilize the POS system, it is very important that you keep records of your childs expenses.  When the account is low, you must make additional deposits.  The school no longer has a lunch fund for children who forget their money, or for accounts that are insufficient, to borrow money.


            Again, money may, and should be, placed in the childs account for emergency purposes.  Therefore, if you wish to continue to pay with cash, this account may serve as a backup for those days the child forgets his/her money.  

            Please feel free to call Kathy Major, Food Services General Manager (908-874-4805) with any questions or concerns you may have.