School Messenger Parent Portal
Posted on 06/08/2016

School Messenger Parent Notification System

Hillsborough Township Public Schools is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2014, the school district will be utilizing SchoolMessenger, a parent notification system.  SchoolMessenger will be used to automatically notify parents of emergencies, activities, and information pertinent to their students.  SchoolMessenger will allow the district to extend our parent outreach effort while also allowing the messages that are sent home via the system to be more directed to each  family's needs and preferred communication methods.  SchoolMessenger email alerts will look different from those you were previously receiving from the Honeywell Instant Alert system.  In addition, phone messages will no longer begin with, "This is a message from the Honeywell Alert System..."
SchoolMessenger will be used for emergency broadcasts,  bus delays, district and school-wide events, etc.  The district will also continue to maintain its other methods of communication, including the Education Access Channel (channel 27), district and school websites, social media sites (including FacebookTwitter, and Youtube).  
SchoolMessenger gives parents the option to include up to eight (8) parent/guardian emails and phone numbers to which messages may be sent. Parents can update their own emails and phone numbers via the Parent Portal  Please note that changes to contact information can take up to 48-hours to populate to SchoolMessenger.   
Please remember, if you update an email address that is directly linked to the Genesis Parent Portal as your username, the Portal connection will no longer be accessible.  In this case, you will need to contact the school office to alert them of the new email and request that the Genesis Parent Portal link be created with this new email. 
As a reminder, we ask that all parents routinely log into their Genesis Parent Portal to review their contact information to make sure everything is up to date. 
Thank you for your assistance in helping us keep everyone informed!