Class Parent Info

Class Parent Guidelines

A. Class parents must be HSA members.

B. There are three (3) parties/events scheduled for the school year:

1. Halloween Party- on Halloween or Friday before Halloween, if on a weekend.

2. Winter Party – Week before Winter Break.

3. End of Year Party – Last week of school.

C. Party Arrangements- these are our standard guidelines.

1. Please have all party arrangements (food, games, crafts) approved by teacher in advance.

2. Please provide healthy snacks. Food choices must follow policy outlined in the handbook. The Health Office will provide guidelines for classes with allergy students.

3. Please be sure to have nut free foods at all class parties REGARDLESS of whether or not you are in a nut-free classroom. Nut allergies are life threatening and we want to avoid any adverse situations in school. If you have any questions about possible snack options, please contact me or the parent of the allergic children in your classroom.

D. HSA Meeting Attendance – At least 1 class parent should plan to attend each meeting

1. All meetings are 7:00pm in the school library.

E. Photos

1. Please take digital photos (via digital camera or phone) of class events throughout the year and forward to the Yearbook Committee.

F. Class Party Donations

1. The HSA contributes $50 per class to help defray costs. Classes with enrollment less than 10 will receive $25.

2. You may also receive monetary donations and/or donations of party goods from parents. The HSA provides the class parents a letter to ask for additional funds from parents.

G. Party Attendance - ONLY CLASS PARENTS may attend parties - NO siblings are permitted to attend Parties.

H. If at any time you are unable to fulfill your duties, please contact the HSA Board ( so that a substitute can be found. Spouses are not a suitable substitute when other class parent volunteers (who were not chosen) are available to help.