Frequently Asked Questions


How do I report my child absent?

If your child will be absent, please enter a note in the attendance section of the Parent Portal or contact the school by phone or email ( and leave a quick message with their name, teacher and reason for the absence by 9am.  If we have not heard from a parent or guardian regarding an absence, we will be calling you.  If you send an email to the teacher, please remember to copy on your email.

What do I do if my child will be out of school for several days?

Please contact the office if your child will be away for several days (usually due to a family vacation or event).  Once we have your schedule, there is no need to call or email each day.

How can my sick child make-up their homework?

Once your child has been absent for 2 consecutive days, you can request that the teacher gather homework and either send it home with another child in your neighborhood, or leave it in the office for parent pick-up prior to 3pm.


What if I need to pick up my child from school prior to dismissal?

Please enter a note in the attendance section of the Parent Portal or send a note with your child in the morning to let us know what time you will be here.  Once you arrive, we will call to the classroom to have your child meet you in the office.  A student who has fewer than 4 hours of instruction time will be marked absent for the day.

What if I want to pick up my child at dismissal time?

Again, please send in a note with your child. School ends at 2:25, however dismissal time is a busy one in the office so we ask that you pick up your child either by 2:00 or wait until after the buses have left the driveway.

Parent Portal

How can I get help with the Parent Portal?

Please contact the Main Office (ext 2713) and we will be glad to help you.

How can I change my information on the Parent Portal?

Phone numbers can be changed directly on the Parent Portal, as can changes to your Emergency Contacts.  In order to change your email or mailing address, however, please contact the Main Office on ext 2713.


Where can I park when visiting the school or picking up my child?

The parking lot closest to the building is reserved for teachers, except for the 2 Handicapped and 2 Visitor spots by the flagpole.  If these spots are taken, please park either in the “lower lot” or across the street in the church parking lot.