In music class, children will be exposed to a variety of music. Children will explore the musical elements of Pitch/Melody, Rhythm, Form, Dynamics, Tempo, Timbre (Tone Color) and Expression. We sing, dance, and play a variety of games as we learn.

They also have the opportunity to play a variety of classroom instruments such as hand drums, woodblocks, rhythm sticks and shakers.

For our upper grades, 2nd thru 4th, the children begin to read musical notation. The children will read rhythmic notation for quarter, paired eighth, half notes and quarter rests in patterns and songs . By third grade, the students will be introduce to reading notation on the treble clef. Our third graders will also learn teamwork and cooperation while experiencing a historical part of our culture, square dancing. Look for our “Night at the Rodeo” in January!

Our fourth graders, put their knowledge into actually playing a recorder. This is a wonderful experience for them. It will give them the opportunity to put all they have learned into creating music on a wind instrument. This is an excellent way to prepare them for the Band or Orchestra program at Auten Road in the coming school year. Check out the calendar for their exciting premier performance in May!